Please note that Sentinel will be deactivated on July 1st 2022.


Maestro and Spiria, in collaboration with Oriso, launch Sentinel – a free online questionnaire to help monitor COVID-19 symptoms among construction workers.

This measure is now a mandatory requirement implemented by the CNESST for all construction sites (and all other work places) in Quebec and is a highly recommended guideline by Ontario public authorities for all construction site workers and visitors. This type of questionnaire will likely be implemented across construction sites nationwide and possibly even in office environments and other industries as public officials look for practical solutions to help monitor COVID-19 spread.

Contributing to the industry; a universal and free platform.

This three-company initiative is a joint contribution to the industry, at a time when everyone needs to work together and support each other. By working closely together, this partnership was able to move quickly and provide a solution that takes full advantages of the technologies available today to remove the need to exchange paper questionnaires in this COVID-19 environment.

Support from Construction Associations.

The platform is officially recommended to members of ACQ  ffiliates of the network as well as to members of the Association Québécoise des entrepreneurs en Infrastructure (AQEI) in Quebec.


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